So far to go in these next couple of days. We’ll probably go multiple short posts since there’s a ton of information to parse, but I’m still required to pay my mortgage. Keep checking back.


You do realize that next Friday at this time, some of you will be filing into the Richmond Coliseum–and others on the interstate to get there–for the start of the CAA Tournament.

That’s a very loud McEnroe YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!


Drexel quite frankly out-toughed VCU last night in its 64-60 win, likely earning the Dragons the #5 seed for the tournament. With Hofstra’s victory over UNCW, VCU is now probably the #4 seed.

Then again, Vegas has ODU/JMU a pick ‘em and Ken Pomeroy agrees, giving the Monarchs a 52% chance of winning, and the score a one-point game. It’s senior night for Give ‘Em Hell, too.

Interesting note: The Pugs led Georgia State 30-19 at the half last night. Why is that important? Quinn McDowell took one shot and scored two points in the half. The Panthers are a very good defensive team. It’s notable that the Baby Pugs didn’t stand around and look to McDowell.

Personally, I don’t want to be the #6 seed.

As noted by a commenter, kudos to YouDee’s Brain Johnson for hitting the 1,000-point plateau in the Hens win over Towson. Good kid who has struggled in his senior year to get back to form from his devastating knee injury. Good to see him get a chance to smile.

Brian Mull was on-hand for Bird vs. Magic Jenkins vs. Tomko, and it sounds like it was every bit as enjoyable as we thought it would be.


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