2012 CAA Player of the Year – Ryan Pearson, George Mason

2012 CAA Coach of the Year – Bruiser Flint, Drexel

2012 CAA Rookie of the Year – Damion Lee, Drexel

2012 CAA Defensive Player of the Year – Kent Bazemore, Old Dominion

2012 Dean Ehlers Leadership Award – Jihad Ali, Georgia State and Quinn McDowell, William and Mary

First Team All-CAA

Kent Bazemore, Old Dominion

Bradford Burgess, VCU

Frantz Massenat, Drexel

Ryan Pearson, George Mason

Keith Rendleman, UNCW

Second Team All-CAA

Chris Cooper, Old Dominion

Samme Givens, Drexel

Jamelle Hagins, Delaware

Mike Moore, Hofstra

Devon Saddler, Delaware

Third Team All-CAA

Jihad Ali, Georgia State

Eric Buckner, Georgia State

Humpty Hitchens, James Madison

Jonathan Lee, Northeasternh

Juvonte Reddic, VCU

Darius Theus, VCU

CAA All-Rookie Team

Quincy Ford, Northeastern

Damion Lee, Drexel

Adam Smith, UNCW

Marcus Thornton, William & Mary

Jarvis Threatt, Delaware

CAA All-Defensive Team

Kent Bazemore, Old Dominion

Eric Buckner, Georgia State

Jamelle Hagins, Delaware

Robert Nwankwo, Towson

Briante Weber, VCU



Ryan Pearson, Mason 657

Frantz Massenat, Drexel 607

Kent Bazemore, ODU 594

Bradford Burgess, VCU 488

Keith Rendleman, UNCW 486


Jamelle Hagins, Delaware 417

Devon Saddler, Delaware 415

Samme Givens, Drexel 335

Mike Moore, Hofstra 311

Chris Cooper, ODU 231


Jonathan Lee, Northeastern 192

Eric Buckner, Georgia State 183

Jihad Ali, Georgia State 141

Juvonte Reddic, VCU 127

Humpty Hitchens, JMU 121

Darius Theus, VCU 121


A.J. Davis, JMU 69

Quinn McDowell, W&M 67

Robert Nwankwo, Towson 53

Damion Lee, Drexel 52

Mike Morrison, Mason 47

Devonta White, GSU 9

Nathaniel Lester, Hofstra 8

Marcus Thornton, W&M 8

Joel Smith, Northeastern 7

Josh Micheaux, GSU 6

Adam Smith, UNCW 6

Daryl McCoy, Drexel 2

Sherrod Wright, Mason 1


Damion Lee, Drexel 207

Quincy Ford, Northeastern 155

Adam Smith, UNCW 125

Marcus Thornton, W&M 110

Jarvis Threatt, Delaware 72


Kyle Anderson, Delaware 19

Treveon Graham, VCU 11

Briante Weber, VCU 11

Kris Walden, Towson 4

Dimitri Batten, ODU 2

Khalid Lewis, Delaware 2

Erik Copes, George Mason 1

Cedrick Williams, UNCW 1


Kent Bazemore, ODU 184

Eric Buckner, Georgia State 172

Jamelle Hagins, Delaware 135

Briante Weber, VCU 64

Robert Nwankwo, Towson 45


James Fields, Georgia State 23

Keith Rendleman, UNCW 17

Chris Cooper, ODU 13

Daryl McCoy, Drexel 9

Mike Morrison, Mason 8

Derrick Thomas, Drexel 8

Samme Givens, Drexel 7

Quincy Ford, Northeastern 6

Devonta White, GSU 6

Darius Theus, VCU 5

Kendrix Brown, W&M 4

Treveon Graham, VCU 4

Frantz Massenat, Drexel 4

Devon Moore, JMU 3

Bradford Burgess, VCU 1

Josh Micheaux, GSU 1

Juvonte Reddic, VCU 1


Ryan Pearson, Mason 28

Frantz Massenat, Drexel 14

Kent Bazemore, ODU 5

Keith Rendleman, UNCW 1


Damion Lee, Drexel 36

Quincy Ford, Northeastern 8

Marcus Thornton, W&M 2

Adam Smith, UNCW 1

Jarvis Threatt, Delaware 1


Kent Bazemore, ODU 19

Eric Buckner, Georgia State 15

Jamelle Hagins, Delaware 13

Briante Weber, VCU 1


Bruiser Flint, Drexel 19

Ron Hunter, Georgia State 15

Shaka Smart, VCU 7

Monte’ Ross, Delaware 6

Blaine Taylor, ODU 1

3 Responses to “The Official Awards…”

  1. Rosenpenis Says:

    Rendleman for POY, huh? Interesting.

  2. Shawn Says:

    Paul Hewitt didn’t even get ONE vote for Coach of the Year, after taking over a Mason squad who lost a legendary coach, Cam Long, and Luke Hancock? Wow. Oh, well…I’d rather see him holding up the net on Monday night around 9:15 pm.

    Congrats to Ryan Pearson for winning the POY – our first since George Evans’ streak of three in a row ended in 2001. FEAR THE (trimmed) BEARD!!

    Wright deserved more love than one single vote, but he’ll prove the doubters wrong in 2012-13 when he gets his chance to shine in a lead role at Mason. Expect him to average 15-20 ppg next season.


  3. Seven Wishes | CAAZone.com Says:

    [...] drive the Panthers to a sixth-place finish. Then, after Georgia State was largely overlooked in the conference award balloting, he riled up the Panthers so much they handed the Flying Dutchmen the worst loss in CAA Tournament [...]

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