Not one clue what you will see here for the next few days. We’ll generally “be around.”

Here’s the wrap up from last night’s 2-2 affair.

We got there in a strange manner, though. Northeastern just doesn’t look good right now. They aren’t playing much defense, which is very unNortheastern. You can get by with a sketchy offense if you are defending well, but the Huskies aren’t defending. This is leading to giving up offensive rebounds and wide open threes. That’s never a good combination.

This is on Chase Allen’s head, and I’ll tell you why after Christmas.

ODU obliterated Charlotte last night. The first thing that went through my head was “DePaul,” which added another dose of irony to the filling wheel-barrel of this season and that one. Charlotte was averaging more than 80 points per game and the 49ers scored 48. Welcome to your senior season, Gerald Lee. Better late than never.


Of note: Give ‘Em Hell Denzel had a double-double in the second half and finished with a 24/13 night for JMU in its win over Fordham. Bowles threw in four assists and two blocks for good measure, tweeting postgame that his performance was “solid.” (Giggle.)

Don’t let this pass by you: Pierre Curtis had seven assists and only two turnovers, attempting just two shots. Curtis is becoming more comfortable with his old new role at point.


Side note to some of you emailers: can we not just enjoy The Fightin’ Pugs being a top ten RPI team in late December? It’s Christmas for gosh-sake. I know what it means, I know how early we are, I know what’s going to happen. We all do. But really, can we just contemplate “William & Mary,” “Top 10 RPI,” and “late December” for a few days and just enjoy it? Somewhere in there is a new Christmas carol.

You cynics kill me.


No clue who Joey Whelan is, but he’s been added to my Christmas list. Thank you, sir.

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