It’s going to take most of today to craft an appropriate summation of what we’ve witnessed over the past two days in Richmond. In the end, I don’t know we can get there.

In fact, the more I sit back and digest, the more I believe it’s a futile effort to cram it in and not living up to the standard this conference tournament has set on and off the floor. I’ve closely followed the CAA for 15 years–VERY closely for the last five years–and this tournament sets a standard in every way from close games to a sold out venue to gut wrenching and uplifting back story.

In sum: we said that rarely do things live up to hype, and Saturday’s quarterfinals round was refreshing because it did. Yesterday’s action exceeded any hype machine, even mine.

So here’s what we’re going to do: even if tonight’s game is a clunker, we’ll save the summation for Tuesday or Wednesday. It’s only fair.

One moment last night is the impetus behind the desire to wait it out, soak it in. David Schneider was asked about the pressure of having the opportunity to be the first W&M team to ever make the NCAA tournament. Schneider gave a very detailed and thoughtful response that somebody will use as a quote in a story.

While Schneider spoke, Tony Shaver sat to his right with what looked like a nervous tick, cocking his head and pulling at his tie and shifting in his seat. When Schneider finished, Shaver broke in with his answer.

“This team doesn’t deserve the burden of our past,” Shaver pointedly stated. “It deserves the opportunity to play this one game for a championship and should carry no other burden. (This team) has been exceptional this year at taking care of the moment.”

So should we.

3 Responses to “Debunking One Shining Moment…”

  1. Josh Says:

    Go Tribe!

  2. GTB Says:

    In Shaver We Trust

    Point taken Coach. Now go get it done tonight.

  3. Eric Says:

    2008 – Shaver w/ Stache – CAA Championship game
    2009 – Shaver minus Stache – 10-20 season
    2010 – Shave w/ Stache – CAA Championship game

    Shaver Stache > Taylor Stache

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