4 Responses to “CAA Finds Victory on All Fronts…”

  1. Pav Says:

    So what you’re sayin is, we can give Shaka a $500k raise :D

  2. CAA Finds Victory on All Fronts… | CAAZone.com Says:

    [...] original here: CAA Finds Victory on All Fronts… Share [...]

  3. Eric Says:

    Please check my math, but I think Mason gets six (not four) shares for 2011. Two for making the tournament, two for its win over Villanova, one for winning the regular season and one for an RPI above 100. Sorry, but I’m not going to recalculate the tables if I’m correct. :)

  4. Pete Says:

    Did NU not get money for their share in 2009?

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