First Team All-CAA

Chaisson Allen, Northeastern

Denzel Bowles, James Madison

Frank Hassell, Old Dominion

Charles Jenkins, Hofstra

Cam Long, George Mason

Second Team All-CAA

Kent Bazemore, Old Dominion

Samme Givens, Drexel

Ryan Pearson, George Mason

Jamie Skeen, VCU

Chad Tomko, UNC Wilmington

Third Team All-CAA

Jawan Carter, Delaware

Chris Fouch, Drexel

Luke Hancock, George Mason

Quinn McDowell, William & Mary

Joey Rodriguez, VCU

2011 CAA Player of the Year – Charles Jenkins, Hofstra

2011 CAA Coach of the Year – Jim Larranaga, George Mason

2011 CAA Rookie of the Year – Devon Saddler, Delaware

2011 CAA Defensive Player of the Year – Kent Bazemore, Old Dominion

2011 Dean Ehlers Leadership Award – Quinn McDowell, William and Mary

CAA All-Rookie Team

Brandon Britt, William & Mary

Frantz Massenat, Drexel

Ryan Pierson, Northeastern

Dartaye Ruffin, Drexel

Devon Saddler, Delaware

CAA All-Defensive Team

Chaisson Allen, Northeastern

Kent Bazemore, Old Dominion

Jamelle Hagins, Delaware

Frank Hassell, Old Dominion

Greg Washington, Hofstra




Charles Jenkins, Hofstra 655

Denzel Bowles, JMU 571

Cam Long, George Mason 555

Frank Hassell, ODU 525

Chaisson Allen, Northeastern 414

Jamie Skeen, VCU 407

Ryan Pearson, George Mason 401

Chad Tomko, UNCW 314

Kent Bazemore, ODU 264

Samme Givens, Drexel 258

Quinn McDowell, W&M 240

Jawan Carter, Delaware 148

Joey Rodriguez, VCU 125

Chris Fouch, Drexel 118

Luke Hancock, George Mason 98

Bradford Burgess, VCU 96

Isaiah Philmore, Towson 93

Mike Moore, Hofstra 91

Ben Finney, ODU 43

Keith Rendleman, UNCW 40

Devon Saddler, Delaware 23

Devon Moore, JMU 18

Braxton Dupree, Towson 14

Julius Wells, JMU 5

Gerald Colds, Drexel 4


Devon Saddler, Delaware 204

Dartaye Ruffin, Drexel 155

Brandon Britt, W&M 139

Ryan Pierson, Northeastern 49

Frantz Massenat, Drexel 36

Julian Boatner, W&M 33

Tanner Milson, UNCW 30

Rob Brandenberg, VCU 16

Alex Harris, Northeastern 10

Donte Morales, UNCW 10

Javonte Maynor, GSU 3

Shemiye McLendon, Hofstra 3

Dre Connor, Towson 1

Vertrail Vaughns, Mason 1


Kent Bazemore, ODU 172

Chaisson Allen, Northeastern 105

Jamelle Hagins, Delaware 91

Frank Hassell, ODU 52

Greg Washington, Hofstra 52

Ed Nixon, VCU 32

Samme Givens, Drexel 31

Charles Jenkins, Hofstra 30

Ben Finney, ODU 25

Andre Cornelius, Mason 18

Cam Long, George Mason 18

Joey Rodriguez, VCU 16

Chad Tomko, UNCW 16

Daryl McCoy, Drexel 14

Derrick Thomas, Drexel 6

Denzel Bowles, JMU 4

Eric Buckner, GSU 2

Luke Hancock, Mason 2

Marcus Kitts, William & Mary 2

Josh Micheaux, GSU 1

Keith Rendleman, UNCW 1


Charles Jenkins, Hofstra 41

Cam Long, George Mason 2

Chaisson Allen, Northeastern 1

Frank Hassell, ODU 1

Ryan Pearson, George Mason 1


Devon Saddler, Delaware 36

Dartaye Ruffin, Drexel 6

Brandon Britt, W&M 2

Donte Morales, UNCW 2


Kent Bazemore, ODU 23

Jamelle Hagins, Delaware 6

Chaisson Allen, Northeastern 5

Frank Hassell, ODU 5

Ed Nixon, VCU 2

Andre Cornelius, Mason 1

Ben Finney, ODU 1

Samme Givens, Drexel 1

Charles Jenkins, Hofstra 1

Joey Rodriguez, VCU 1


Jim Larranaga, Mason 26

Mo Cassara, Hofstra 11

Buzz Peterson, UNCW 6

Matt Brady, JMU 1

Monte’ Ross, Delaware 1

Blaine Taylor, ODU 1

6 Responses to “The Official All Conference Awards…And Votes…”

  1. Shawn Says:

    Congrats to Mason coach Jim Larranaga, and players Cam Long, Ryan Pearson, and Luke Hancock for their all-CAA honors. As a team, let’s bring home the CAA tourney title, too. GO MASON.

  2. P. Jackson Says:

    If Britt of W&M can slow down and let the game come to him, he’ll be first team All CAA before he graduates.

    It’s good to see the Monarchs represented well on the All Defensive team considering how well they play as a unit. They’ll be a tough out in the tournament.

  3. EShine Says:

    Congrats to all of the winners. CAA is as strong as its ever been, so the voters had some tough calls to make. That said…

    I feel sorry for anyone getting covered by Andre Cornelius this weekend.

  4. Pete (the ODU version) Says:

    I’m no fan of Cornelius but I suspect, like Finney, he deserves more recognition than he got.

    Over on MonarchNation, one of the smarter posters made an interesting observation: Whenever there is a loose ball on the floor, the Monarch players instinctively will try to bat the ball in the direction of either Finney or Bazemore. Why? Because their teammates know that Ben or Kent are the ones most likely to do what is necessary to get control of that ball.

    I suspect that Cornelius and Hancock play much the same role for GMU, and that every other team has one or two similar go-to pitbulls (Ed Nixon for VCU? Semenov for JMU? Givens for Drexel?). In a way, it’s shame that there couldn’t be a separate “Grittiest Player of the Year” award, although I suspect that might dilute the point of the “DPOY” award.

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