As we strike within 48 hours of season tipoff, we have a few posts on the lighter side to have a little fun and quench your thirst for CAA hoops until Friday night.  First, we will be looking at one of the more overlooked aspects of CAA basketball, being the pep bands. Many people don’t realize it, but pep bands have a significant effect on the game as well as the entire atmosphere of the arena. The pep band is there to do just that, add more pep and excitement to the games. Drum roll please…


Number 3: Old Dominion University

Although the ODU marching band is generally new to the scene, the pep band has been around for a while and it shows. This program is experienced and sounds great. Without having a marching band, it can be hard to recruit or find people to join the pep band.  However, ODU has done just fine and has produced one of the best pep bands in the CAA.  They look great, are energetic and sound good while doing it.

Number 2: James Madison University

The JMU pep band has come alive recently after hiring a new director. The sound is bigger, louder and better than ever and the crowd loves it. The group has a wide and exciting range of tunes that they play, and are excellent for getting the crowd involved, when the crowd is there. Hopefully some higher expectations in Harrisonburg will inspire the fans to Start Wearing Purple and also give the pep band a great chance to prove its worth and talent. JMU continues to add new tunes every year to keep the repertoire fresh and exciting, along with keeping their fans excited. With a loud and good sound, the only thing they miss is a little more pep in their step, leading them to our rank as the number-two best pep band in the CAA.

Number 1: George Mason University

The GMU “Green Machine” is an excellent source of excitement and energy at all of the home basketball games. With its director always sporting a unique suit, they are known for their usage of many pop songs. With nearly two million views on YouTube, their rendition of a medley of songs by Rage Against the Machine really gets the crowd amped. Mason is unique in mixing vocals for a decidedly different sound than most pep bands.   This band provides a great feeling of vigor and liveliness for the home crowd and has a good sound as well, which leads to them being ranked as the best pep band in the CAA.


Wonder if breakfast will still be served this year with a seven-team event?

3 Responses to “Best Band in the Land”

  1. GMU79 Says:

    No question…they are terrific! Doc Nix is the real deal! Without doubt, one of the reasons behind Mason’s huge homecourt advantage.

  2. Shawn Says:

    GO MASON!!

  3. HUD Says:

    “a little more pep in their step”

    what does that even mean?

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